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Fort St. Pierre Tercentennial


Join Our Security Team                 

Ft. St. Pierre is currently patrolled by local law enforcement, but it takes us all to protect the important historic resource.

Our volunteer security subcommittee consists of local citizens who have committed to keep watch over Fort St. Pierre.  Periodically, our volunteers look for persons involved in criminal activities as explicitly described in the Mississippi Antiquities Act, e.g. observed digging, metal detection, artifact collection, vandalism, dumping or other criminal activities

Both the privately owned land and the state owned portion of the Fort are under random, periodic surveillance.

Volunteers report observed criminal activity to the appropriate authorities and adjacent landowners.

Each volunteer is provided copies of the Mississippi Antiquities Act, contact information for adjacent landowners and the Mississippi Department of Transportation, as well as detailed maps and air photos of both the privately owned and state owned parcels that are parts of the National Historic Landmark site.

In the interest of site protection, we do not provide site location information outside of our security team.

If you live or work in the area and frequently pass by Ft. St. Pierre, we would love to have you join our volunteers keeping an eye of Ft. St. Pierre.

To report suspicious activity, please call 911.