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Fort St. Pierre Tercentennial


Our Mission                   

Warren County has one of only two historic archaeological sites in Mississippi
from the French and Indian period that have been designated National Historic
Landmarks. Fort St. Pierre
is the only surviving French Colonial Fort on the Gulf
Coast and it was an integral part of the huge French empire in North America.
Very little of that vast empire survives today.  Fort St. Pierre was the site of the first
French presence in the Gulf Region.

The Fort St. Pierre Tercentennial Commission has been tasked by the City of
Vicksburg to raise the level of awareness of the public about the importance of this
site as well as the French episode in our heritage.

The Tercentennial begs for the publication of more information for public
dissemination and other educational purposes. A book written especially for the
layman could summarize the highlights of the archaeological record, historic
and archival documentation and the cultural anthropological perspectives on the

Another critical product of the Tercentenary celebration could be a teacherís guide
that summarizes the story for use in the classrooms of our primary and secondary
schools. It has been suggested that a series of brief newspaper articles and public
lectures could be prepared for the general public as the target audience.

The success of the Mobile, Biloxi and Natchez planning commissions are models for
the Ft. St. Pierre commemoration. The diversity of Tercentenary events that were
successfully implemented in those communities could be selectively considered.

A two-tiered planning commission was implemented in all three cases. A small but
efficient executive committee could be complemented by a broader more inclusive
set of volunteer subcommittees with formal goals subject to approval by the
executive committee.

The potential goal for an outdoor public park/picnic area with outdoor weather-proof
interpretive exhibits commemorating both Ft. St. Pierre and other Civil War
fortifications in the immediate area might be considered.

The location of that part of the site on state land and itís immediate proximity to
Mississippi Highway 3 are potential assets.

The planning commissions of Mobile, Biloxi and Natchez developed an open view
of potential subcommittees and events appropriate for their Tercentenaries. The
above thoughts are just a few thoughts that immediately come to mind.


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