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Fort St. Pierre Tercentennial


Site Cleanup                  

Six young AmeriCorps volunteers showed up in November 2019 along with Andy Morang
and Fred Briuer to clear the insidious brush, vegetation and small trees that would
impede any attempt to run geophysical instruments across a significant section
of Fort St. Pierre just outside the south wall and moat of the fort. 

These industrious volunteers came fully prepared for a daunting, four hour laborious effort,
cutting, sawing, chopping and removing the brush and piling it on the southern extreme of
the fort, thereby providing a new impediment to illegal looting of our National Historic
Landmark. The volunteers worked like Stakhanovites  with this back breaking work.

The most impressive part of their effort was that they all expressed gratitude for being
an important contribution to all our ambitious geophysical, archaeological, historical
research and site protection efforts. Some expressed doubts about the enormous job
when they first arrived. but they did it!

Future field investigations will present new opportunities for their eager dedication to
doing a wonderful job to help us. 

AmeriStar Team Delta 4 members were Phoenix Jarrell-Desch, William McGrane,
Sidney Williams, Dani Hudson, Erin Guajard0, and Vincent Donovan Davis.

Photos by Elizabeth Joyner